Floored By Ian Introductory Video with Transcript


Floored By Ian Introductory Video

Video Transcript

Ian McLachlan: Every day is different, I really enjoy the interaction with people and trying to help them visualise what they really want and try and make it come true for them.

Sam Corti: We moved into the house about 4 months ago, we’ve been renovating the property throughout. Floored by Ian are here today fitting our carpet upstairs, on the landing and a runner up the stairs which is a very exciting day for us.

Ian McLachlan: So we’re just about to start putting a stair runner on, we’ve marked out down one side of the stairs, so we’ve got a mark to keep everything nice and straight as we go up. What you’ll get from a small family business is you’ll get a lot of knowledge, you’ll get a lot of customer service. Everyone wants it to look special and I like all jobs to be special.

Sam Corti: We wanted a carpet that wasn’t too expensive and Ian came up with a really really lovely carpet, which is wool and it looks stunning. It’s a personal experience, so not only has he got all the samples, he’s on the phone, he comes round and measures up. It’s the fact that Ian is here, he quotes, he fits the carpet.

Ian McLachlan: We’re probably 95% done now, we’ve just got to put some of the clips on the stairs and do a bit of tidying up, job’s a good’n. We get to see what nobody else does, we go in, all the other trades have been in, we finish the room. At the end of the job, I always ask the customer to come up and I never look at the carpet, I always look at the person’s face and I can tell like *that* that they love it.